Recommendation To Award Letters

Following the close of a project's bidding period the State Public Works Board will issue a Recommendation to Award Letter in which the successful bidder is named. In accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes Section 338.142, a person who bids on a contract may file a notice of protest regarding the awarding of the contract within 5 business days after the date that the recommendation to award the contract is issued and posted on the State Public Works Division website (under the ‘Bids’ tab).

Recommendation to Award

20-A014 Lighting Replacement, Field Maintenance Shop 7

20-A009 Henderson National Guard Site Lighting

19-S05-9 Pavement Preservation, N. NV Veterans Memorial Cemetery Recommendation Award Letter

19-M34A Replace Overhead Coiling Doors, Seals and Operators, Henderson & Las Vegas

19-M34 Replace Overhead Coiling Doors, Seals and Operators, Carson City & Reno

19-M15 HVAC Replacement (Ely State Prison- Building 9)

19-M11 Replace Domestic & Heating Hot Water Piping (Ely State Prison-Housing Unit)