CIP CMAR Selection

Construction Manager at Risk Selection Process

CMAR Consultant Selection Status

The State of Nevada Public Works Division (SPWD) is pleased to announce that it is requesting Proposals for the below listed projects.


19-C08 is funded for design and construction. 19-P01 and 19-P02 are funded for design/pre-construction only.  It is anticipated that construction will be funded after July 1, 2021.

The first submittal is due on Wednesday, November 27, 2019.  The remainder of the CMAR solicitation timeline is located on the Master Schedule.


***Pre-Submittal Site Visits have been scheduled, see "Special Notices" below for Times and Locations***


Please review these Special Notices on a regular basis for changes.


 Reference Documents


The 2019 Request for Proposals for the following projects will be posted on November 8, 2019:

All questions regarding this Request for Proposals should be directed to Branden Pearson, Chief of Planning at (775) 684-4114.

Thank you for your interest.

Ward Patrick, P.E.
SPWD Administrator