Facility Condition Analysis (FCA) Library

The State Public Works Division has a Facility Condition Analysis Section that conducts site visits of State Owned Buildings with the goal of visiting each building every 6 years. After the site visit is completed, a report is written and provided to the stake holders. This report includes recommended repairs, estimated costs, priorities, and whole facility replacement estimated costs. This information can be used for making repair requests for the operating budget or capital improvement program. This information may also be used to substantiate facility replacements or substantiate the feasibility study to replace a facility. The facility condition analysis reports are part of a living document that is updated periodically. The information in these reports is used by the Budget Division to track maintenance budget requests, the Risk Management Division for insurance purposes, using agencies to make funding requests, conduct planning activities and inventory state owned buildings, and by other agencies as their needs dictate.

To aid using agencies in determining when buildings should be considered for replacement based on the buildings condition, an index namely the Facility Condition Needs Index (FCNI) is included in each report and an FCNI summary report for all departments and state owned buildings is available. The Facility Condition Needs Index (FCNI) is a measure of the recommended repair costs divided by the estimated building replacement cost. Buildings with an FCNI greater that 50% should be considered for replacement. This is updated in January of even-numbered years.

To better serve each using agency, a project recommendation spreadsheet is available for your use. Upon request, the text of the FCA reports can be made available. This is updated in April of even-numbered years.

If your agency has acquired a new state owned building that is not in the Public Works Building List, download the Building Information Request form here, fill it out and email it to bpearson@admin.nv.gov.

If you need further clarification of the FCA information provided, please call 775.684.4114.