Leasing Services

The Division’s leasing authority is NRS 331.110 and the State Administrative Manual (SAM), section 1020

The Division’s first obligation is to house agencies in state-owned space. If suitable state-owned space is not available, the Division’s Leasing Services will place the agency in leased space. The Division negotiates all terms and conditions of leases for agencies under our authority.

When an agency determines they need new office space, additional office space or renewal of a current lease, they are required to submit a Space Request Form to the Leasing Services. This form contains the necessary information and required authority needed for the Leasing Services to begin a search for space.  This form also contains space guidelines for agency use in order to justify the space they are requesting.

At no time is an agency to enter into discussions or negotiations for lease terms and conditions with private building owners or agents.

The Administrator of the Public Works Division must enter into the lease as Lessee on behalf of the agency as Tenant. Due to the number of leases managed by the Division, agencies should plan ahead for space needs and allow a minimum of three hundred sixty five (365) days from submission of the completed Space Request Form.

Customer Service:

Leasing Services strives to coordinate with your agency to facilitate and advocate all your leasing needs, to house your program, and the clients it serves in a healthy and safe environment.  We will assist to meet your specialized program goals at below market rate costs, and within program budget authority.  We aim to negotiate a fair and balanced transaction process for all parties involved, and in the best interest of the State of Nevada.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns your program may have for any real property leasing needs.  We look forward to working with you, and creating long lasting relationships.

Leasing Contacts

Tel: (775) 684-1815
Fax: (775) 684-1817
Email: LeasingServices@admin.nv.gov