State Public Works Board

Board Members

Adam Hand, Chairperson

Clint Bentley, Vice Chairperson

Tito Tiberti, Member

Kevin Lewis, Member

Philip Mannelly, Member 

Roy Walker, Member 

Joy Grimmer, Director, Department of Administration, Member


In 1937 the Legislature approved an act creating the State Planning Board which defined its duties, powers, and jurisdiction and made an appropriation to cover the necessary expenses of operation. Within the next ten years, the State Planning Board had accomplished much. In 1945, Assembly Bill No. 225 was approved which increased the function and duties.

Assembly Bill No. 601 was passed in 1973, which changed the name of the State Planning Board to the State Public Works Board. The Legislature, which created the Board, outlined its duties and responsibilities. The Board consists of seven members. The Director of Administration served as Chairman; the Manager of the Public Works Board served as the Secretary to the Board. The other six members were community representatives appointed by the Governor.


The State Public Works Board is comprised of the Director of the Department of Administration and six other appointed members. Three members are appointed by the Governor, one member by the Majority Leader of the Senate and one member is appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly. Each member of the Board meets statutory requirements regarding background and expertise in various aspects of construction.

The Board recommends to the Governor the priority for construction of Nevada’s projects for capital improvements. The Board is also responsible for adopting regulations and presiding over appeals regarding the qualifications of contractors and disputes regarding contracts.

SPWB Contact

Shantee Jennings
Tel: (702) 486-5115