Agency Projects

Note: please see the State Administrative Manual, section 1900, for guidelines on SPWD involvement.

A State agency initiates an agency project with the State Public Works Board when they have an architectural or engineering need that must be designed and constructed. The process starts when the agency contacts SPWD’s Deputy Administrator of Professional Services and requests assistance. The Deputy Administrator will assign a project manager (a licensed architect or engineer) who will then contact the agency to help define the scope of work and project cost. Once the scope, schedule and cost are agreed upon, SPWD will send an agency agreement along with a project cost estimate to the requesting agency to review and sign. Once this is completed, SPWD will design, plan check, bid and construct the project in accordance with the Agencies requirements.

SPWD has Statewide CIP projects which address roofing, ADA remediation, Paving & Resurfacing, Hazardous Materials/Indoor Air Quality and Fire and Life Safety. Projects which fit into these categories must be performed by SPWD staff according to statute.

Professional Services Contacts

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