Building Maintenance

The Buildings and Grounds Section provides physical building maintenance for most state-owned buildings in Carson City that includes the Stewart Complex, Reno, and Las Vegas amounting to approximately 1.7 million sq. ft. of facility space. Services provided by agency staff and contracted vendors range from general building systems repair and maintenance to minor remodeling projects. Not only does B&G utilize in-house staff and labor from contract vendors, but also in Northern Nevada, we utilize labor provided by community trustees from the Dept. of Corrections. The building maintenance section operates daily with the goal to provide excellent service through clear communication, accountability, and outstanding customer service.

The purpose and mission of B&G is to provide the proper building services from needs that are communicated to the Section. Communication begins with proper and complete project coordination between B&G and the requesting agency to ensure proper funding is in place, the specific needs of the using agency are understood, and the timing for the project is realistic and achievable. Training, both in the classroom and on-the-job, for all B&G staff is in areas directly related to their functions and is ongoing to help ensure proper construction and maintenance.

B&G has adopted a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and one of the features of the CMMS is the Preventative Maintenance program utilizes the latest version of the “Maximo” software computer program. The system includes a data base of all equipment whereby each piece of equipment is tagged showing unit identification and location, lighting systems, and elevator equipment, etc. that require continual maintenance for each State building managed by B&G. Additionally, the CMMS will include a complete inventory of replacement parts required for the Preventative Maintenance program. The completion of the CMMS program will allow the setting of maintenance standards for all of the buildings managed by B&G, provide the issuance and tracking of all work orders, include a cost accounting for all B&G functions, and will streamline B&G operations.

The Building Maintenance Operations can be reached by contacting the Buildings and Grounds Office in Carson City at (775) 684-1800, or by contacting the Buildings and Grounds Office in Las Vegas at (702) 486-4300. For after-hours emergencies in Northern Nevada the contact number is (775) 687-5030 and the On-Call contact number is (775)315-2730, and in Southern Nevada the contact number is (702)486-2935 and the On-Call contact number is (702) 528-2021.